God: Father and son. Or judge?

Male and female meet and make a child. Love engulfs them: The wish to care, love and be loved. Speaking of family. And of the Father.

A man goes to school, learns all about the law and lawlessness. He is appointed judge and called to speak sentences. Him who he sentences is not his child. He is not his father. They are not family. The sentence is part of a legal system, which aims at maintaining order.

Both relationships are or should be borne of love. However, a father is not a judge.

A judge does not act as a father. Relationships of a different nature. Father and son are in fellowship day-to-day. Judge and accused meet but once. Togetherness verses isolation. Closeness versus loneliness. And/or having to pay a penalty.

Jesus addresses the point. You can choose the father. Or being judged. You decide!

If you choose the Lord (who himself acted out the son and is the father... remember Jesus' words, father and I are one), he will be your Father, now and forever. If you ignore him, his order will judge you.

To be your Father, you must allow him access to your heart. He in turn will grant you access to his heart. He will love and enable you. His will and yours can unite.

Think of the connotations.

Coming next… A variant exists: Love and order. Without him. Question: What is conceit?

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